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The flying frog (Rhacophorus nigropalmatus) populates the regions of Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra, Borneo Island and is part of the 50 species of Rhacophorus frogs. Some species prefer dense forests and marshy wetlands of the  mountainous regions.

This species of flying frog lives mainly on the shores of Abah river and is distinguished by the fact that it uses its feet to glide from one tree to another. The front legs are shorter and the rear ones are longer. The toes are provided with interdigital membranes that function as a small parachute which enable the frog to fly on relatively long distances of about 15 m and even to change the direction of flight in the air.

Also, these frogs legs present very large adhesive disks that help them climbing. They can often be seen flying or jumping from one branch to another in the large and round crowns of the trees. Like other species of this family, when entering into the water, the flying frog floats and rarely swims.

On the dorsal side, the color of the body is bright green colored with many white spots and the belly is white or yellow, with black, blue and yellow spots. The head is very flat, with very large, prominent eyes, with horizontal pupils and visible tambourines. An adult specimen could reach a body length of 7-10 cm and the female is always larger than the male.

This frog lives near human settlements or in very green forests and swamps and is active mostly at night. It does not hibernate and feeds on all kinds of insects, various mammals and smaller frogs. During the mating period, when the rains begin, the female lays about 800 eggs that it surrounds in a foam-like content and leaves on the foliage above the water.

After a while, when tadpoles have a length of 5mm, they hatch, and when they reach a length of 2 cm they come out of the nest and fall in the water under the leaves. After three weeks, the tadpoles turn into frogs and come out on the land. After about two years, young frogs mature. The flying frog is part of the order Anura, Rhacophoridae family and is not considered an endangered species.  by


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